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Sprint Retro Template FAQ

We've compiled a best practices guide to answer any questions you have about sprint retrospectives in Friday.

  • What is a sprint retrospective?

    A sprint retrospective is a dedicated event at the end of a sprint where the team reflects on what went well and what can be improved in future sprints.

    This feedback loop allows the team to inspect and adapt moving forward. It's a key cadence if you'd like to continuously improve your processes and ways of working.

  • Why should I hold a sprint retrospective?

    You should hold a sprint retrospective because if you don't, the probability that you collect the information you need to iterate and improve is much lower.

    A dedicated time and cadence sends a signal that you want to improve and that it's important to you.

  • What questions should I ask?

    We recommend the following questions in your sprint retrospective:

    • What went well? (open-ended)
    • What didn't go so well? (open-ended)
    • What should we improve? (open-ended)
    • Any learnings you'd like to share? (open-ended)

    As you roll out this process, you can add and remove questions over time. If you use the Friday workflow builder, you can customize a variety of questions, like emojis, open-ended responses, and more.

  • Why should I hold a sprint retrospective asynchronously?

    We don't necessarily think you should hold the entire event asynchronously, but instead, you should collect the key information before the meeting starts.

    People are more honest behind a screen and if you give them time to collect their thoughts and reflect, you can kickstart great conversations in less time. It doesn't make a lot of sense to hold a meeting where half the time you are typing (or writing). 

    Meetings at their best are about human interaction, collaboration, and a fast feedback loop to help you resolve ambiguity faster.

  • Can I customize the sprint retrospective in Friday?

    Yes, this is completely customizable. For example, you can change the following options:

    • Who should fill it out - choose people who need to give an update
    • Questions - pick from a variety of types like sentiment, emojis, yes/no, open-ended, and more
    • Timing - day of week, time of day, etc
    • Notifications - where should the status update responses be sent?
    • Prompts - ask people for updates over SlackMicrosoft Teams, or email.

    The Friday workflow builder makes it easy to run virtually any communication habit you can think of - retrospectives are one of unlimited options you can choose. You see other examples on our templates page.

  • Who can see the responses?

    For a sprint retrospective, we think the responses should be viewable by the entire group. With that being said, Friday routines are completely customizable, so it's up to you!

    For example, you could select one of the following options:

    • Just you (the team leader)
    • Everyone on the team
    • Everyone in the company
  • How much does this cost?

    You can get started running sprint retros for free. We are a business, so we can't give everything away, so premium features are $6/person per month and include:

    • Sending according to someone's timezone (great for remote teams)
    • See more than 3 weeks of data
    • Integrations (automatically pull the work in from tools)
    • Easily run reports and track completion rate over time
    • Export data to CSV/PDF
    • Roll up responses to people profiles

    We are confident that Friday can save you hours every week and help you understand what's going on at work at the same time.

  • How are you different than other retro tools available?

    The other retrospective tools on the market focus on improving a real-time meeting. We are focused on getting you the information you need before the meeting even starts.

    While it's great that other tools are focused on optimizing these meetings, we are approaching it from a perspective that you should collect the info outside of the meeting to make it more efficient and reduce the awkward silence.

  • What else can Friday do?

    Friday helps you and your team create better routines at work. We can help improve your daily standups, 1-1 meetings, and any regular meeting or event at work.

    The practice of collecting key information before a sprint retro can be applied to other meetings and events at work as well!

Automate sprint retrospectives

Stop wasting valuable time in retrospective meetings writing things down. Show up to these meetings with topics already prepared.

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The sprint retro template is deeply integrated into workplace tools, like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Automatic Reports

Easily measure and track results over time. See how the team is trending over time.

Distributed Teams

100% customizable

Customize every aspect of the retrospective (questions, reminders, notifications, and much more). 

"This tool is great for replacing retrospectives! It helps us to get the info we need without wasting time we could better spend on engineering."

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Director of Innovation, Maxar

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