The easiest way to share regular updates at work

We make it easy to stay connected at work. Improve transparency and help everyone see what's going on.

Stay connected, even when apart

Establish communication habits in less time, enabling feedback and updates to flow to the right people at the right time.


1. Pick a cadence

Choose when you'd like to ask your team for feedback or an update about what they are working on.


2. Choose questions

Customize the questions you'd like to ask - you will capture better insights than a meeting.


3. Instantly see reports

As your team submits updates, we instantly generate shareable reports and surface meaningful trends.

Create an ongoing feedback loop

Adding just enough structure to your communication drives predictable results and improves transparency.

"We just started using Friday this week and as a CEO it's already helping me understand where our team's time is going and promoting transparency across the org. Very good high-level snapshot."

Grant Deken

Grant Deken

CEO, Unstack

Friday powers distributed teams

Gain visibility like you are sitting next to your coworkers, without the need for everyone to be based in the same location.

Friday Feed

"Friday helps me keep a pulse on how everyone in our agency feels things are going. We’ve uncovered vital insights around process improvements, client opportunities, and growth potential."

Ross Beyeler

Ross Beyeler

COO, Trellis

Integrated & Connected

Friday acts like a complement to Slack and helps separate the signal from the noise of PM tools like Jira or Trello.


"We use Friday to check in with the team on how their week went and to send them company-wide updates. The ease of integration means it has quickly become a staple in our weekly workflow"


Axel van der Donk

Co-Founder & CTO, Bao Living

Distributed Work Book

We're writing a book on distributed work

The way we work has changed. The workplace of the future is distributed, agile, and results-based.

“After several years working remotely for a few distributed organizations, I'm sharing everything I know about what works (and what doesn't).”

- Luke Thomas, Founder @ Friday

"Friday is a wonderful tool to report on work done during the week, particularly for teams that are not in the same location as their leader."

Work has changed

Make the transition faster and with less stress.