The easiest way to share what's going on at work

Friday is like a work journal for you and your coworkers. Reflect, prioritize, and share what you're working on.

See what's going on

Tired of feeling out of the loop at work? Friday is a central place for your most important work activity - like a journal.

Distributed Teams


Pick a template or customize your own workflows. We will handle reminders, reporting, visibility, and much more.

Signal from Noise


Friday integrates with popular tools you already use. We complement workplace chat, helping you separate the signal from the noise

Better conversations


Use Friday for your own personal benefit, or invite coworkers and use it with your team (or your entire company). 

"We just started using Friday this week and as a CEO it's already helping me understand where our team's time is going and promoting transparency across the org. Very good high-level snapshot."


Grant Deken

CEO at Spark

Ideal for Distributed Teams

The workplace is becoming more distributed. With Friday, your team will feel more connected no matter where they work.

Friday Feed

Completely Connected

Friday plugs into popular tools you already use, improving visibility and saving you time without adding more noise.

Workplace Chat

Slack & Teams

Complement workplace chat with structured, regular communication.

Project Management

Eliminate duplication of efforts when sharing updates.

Templates help you replicate the best work practices

We automatically handle everything from questions to reminders, to ensure that the right people see the right stuff.

Daily Standup

Daily Standups

Share accomplishments, current projects, and blockers. Ideal for highly collaborative teams.

Weekly check-in

Weekly Status Report

Understand what people are working on every week. You will get better insights than a meeting.

1-1 meeting

1-1 Meetings

Easily capture an agenda before your 1-1 meetings. Kickstart important conversations.

Build your own

Customize your own

Any regular communication process you can think of can be accomplished in Friday.

"This structure is simple, clearly gives the team a buzz, improves colleague-to-colleague relationship building, and is improving overall engagement within the team."

Work Better with Friday

Friday makes it easy to create healthy work habits.