Stay connected, no matter where you work

Friday is one place for your work updates. There's no need to sit in meetings all day to understand what's going on.

Friday helps your team communicate better

We get it, you need better processes vs. a tool. But what if a tool could help you build better communication process?


Structured questions & process

Pick questions you'd like to ask your team on a regular basis. We handle all the important details.


Thoughtful responses

Boost transparency and break down the barriers that cause people to feel disconnected and out of the loop.


Kickstart great conversations

Have fewer, better meetings and jump into meaningful conversations compared to boring status updates.

A more effective way to work

Friday will save you hours every week. See how you can be up and running in less than five minutes.

See what's going on

When information and updates flow the way they should, you will feel more connected, become more productive, and have more time for meaningful work.

Friday Feed

"We just started using Friday this week and as a CEO it's already helping me understand where our team's time is going and promoting transparency across the org. Very good high-level snapshot."

Grant Deken

Grant Deken

CEO, Unstack

100% Customizable

See how easy it is to create a communication workflow. In one minute, watch us setup a customized, asynchronous daily standup. The possibilities are endless.

Daily Standup

Choose what makes sense for you & your team

Friday can consolidate 4-5 tools and numerous processes into one place, which improves visibility and reduces chaos at work.

Daily Standup

1.) Daily Standups

Easily run your daily standups asynchronously in Friday and make sure your team understands what everyone else is working on, no matter where they are based.

Deliver notifications according to each person's timezone and push results into a Slack channel. Easily run reports too.

Weekly Update

2.) Progress Updates

Instead of setting calendar reminders and manually asking your team for updates in a document that no one will read, run your progress reporting in Friday instead.

We'll handle it all (notifications, reminders, questions) for you and make sure people see what's going on.


3.) Team Leader Check-ins

Complement 1-1 meetings by asking team members a few questions to kickstart a great conversation. Our weekly check-in template will roll up responses to team leads.

Easily gauge sentiment and watch trends develop over time.

Regular Recognition

4.) Regular Recognition

Saying thanks on a regular basis should not be isolated to an HR tool. Teams that use Friday send twice as much recognition compared to other systems.

Sending kudos may sound cheesy, but you will be shocked at how much your team will enjoy it.


5.) Build a workflow from scratch

We offer a simple, yet customizable canvas for any communication habit you can think of. Mix and match the functionality that makes sense for you and your team.

Friday is modular and can accomodate teams and companies of all sizes, from startup to scale-up.

Who should use Friday?

We help individuals, teams, and entire organizations work better, but we are a great if you fit the following criteria:

Personal Productivity

Motivated Individuals

Want to level up at your career? Friday is like a work journal that helps you be more successful.

Scaling companies

Distributed Teams

We've worked on distributed teams and want to solve the major problems you face working remotely.

Growing Companies

Scaling Companies

Growing quickly? We can help you establish the necessary structure to drive healthy, sustainable growth.

This new way of working requires a different approach

Struggling to keep up? We are writing a book to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of distributed work.

Distributed Work Book

"Friday is a wonderful tool to report on work done during the week, particularly for teams that are not seated on the same location as their leader."

Work better from afar

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