The easiest way to share regular updates at work

Automate routine updates and stay on the same page, no matter where your team is located.

How it works:

Friday makes it easy to automate regular updates, which helps you stay connected without another boring meeting.

Automate Updates

Automatic prompts

Automatically prompt your team to share an asynchronous update.

Give better updates

Friday makes giving updates enjoyable and feel less like work.

Instant Reports

Instant reports & trends

Quantitatively measure progress and identify trends over time.

"We have 3 different physical locations and Friday has brought such unity for us. I use it for daily standups, weekly retros, weekly planning, and my one-on-ones."

Justin Battenfield

Justin Battenfield

Chief, Digital @ Anautics

Why Friday?

Automate routine updates, improve transparency, and hit your goals with less time spent in meetings.

Create accountability

When you and your team write down what you aim to accomplish, you are more likely to do it.

Spend less time in meetings

Reduce the need to spend your day sitting in boring update meetings that could have been an email.

Automate routine updates

Stop begging people for updates and feedback about what's going on. You have better things to do.

Turn work into fun

No one likes filling out status reports. We make the process way more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Stop playing around in spreadsheets

We automatically aggregate responses and create beautiful reports that you can share.

Replace the feeling of the office

It's easy to feel disconnected when you aren't together. Friday gives you the feeling that you are together.

"I’ve tried managing a distributed team via Slack, PM tools, email, and Hangouts before. It’s unmanageable. Friday’s toolset is exactly what was missing to allow people in different time zones to work together seamlessly."

Steve Moseley

CTO @ Unstack

More than an update tool

It starts with an update, but becomes a powerful home for what's going on at work. Power-ups make updates more fun.

Say thanks more often

Build a regular habit of saying thanks when giving an update.

Offer ideas

Easily submit ideas to improve processes when giving an update.

Make progress on goals

[Coming soon] Make sure you are working on the right things.

"Unnecessary meetings (and most are) are a mutually-assured-destruction of time. Learning how to avoid them is a prerequisite of doing anything great."

Naval Ravikant

Not a Friday customer, but we liked the quote