The remote work tool you didn't know you needed

Friday is an automated & integrated work planner that helps you prioritize your day, stay in sync, and master remote work.

A digital, automated planner for work

Instantly accelerate your work by automating the best practices of high-performers.

"Friday has quickly become the foundation of successful collaboration for our remote-first team. We spend less time in meetings and the ones we have are vastly more productive."

Mark Catalano


Automate routine updates

Gain instant visibility without needing to hold boring meetings or beg your team for status updates.


Automate routine updates

Kickstart effective habits. Friday helps you automate the boring stuff.

Make them fun and enjoyable

Routine updates are boring, but not if you use Friday.

See work in a new way

Friday will help you discover new insights about team productivity

Used by leading organizations:

"I’ve tried managing a distributed team via Slack, PM tools, email, and Hangouts before. It’s unmanageable. Friday’s toolset is exactly what was missing to allow people in different time zones to work together seamlessly."

Steve Moseley

CTO @ Unstack

The missing half of workplace chat

Work chat is great for collaboration, but it becomes a mess without structure & process. Friday cleans it up and restores clarity at work.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Replicate the work habits of high-performing individuals and teams. Friday automates the boring stuff.

Daily Standups

Daily Standup

Coordinate and share priorities and work you've accomplished daily.

Create your own

Daily Review

Recap your day and remember everything that you've accomplished.

Weekly Status

Sprint Retrospective

Share highlights, accomplishments, and priorities for the week.


1-1 Meetings

Kickstart amazing 1-1s by collecting the important stuff beforehand.

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