The easiest way to stay connected at work

Stay in sync, improve transparency, and automate routine communication and feedback at work.

A home for what's going on

Stay in sync, spend less time in update meetings, create accountability, and improve transparency at work.

Stay connected

80% report that Friday makes it easier to stay in sync

Spend less time in meetings

50% save at least one hour every week in routine meetings

Work remotely with ease

87% report that Friday makes it easier to work remotely

Trusted by leading organizations:

"Friday has quickly become the foundation of successful collaboration for our remote-first team. We spend less time in meetings and the ones we have are vastly more productive."

Mark Catalano


It starts with an automated routine

Get your updates out of the way before you meet and instantly accelerate better real-time conversations.



Create predictability by automating as much as possible.


Status updates tend to be boring. Friday makes them fun.


Benchmark progress and watch trends develop over time

Save hours every week

Easily share updates asynchronously; walk into routine meetings ready to discuss the important stuff.

A best friend for existing tools

Friday isn't trying to replace Slack, Teams, or Jira. We glue the most important work together in one place that's free from noise and distractions.

"I’ve tried managing a distributed team via Slack, PM tools, email, and Hangouts before. It’s unmanageable. Friday’s toolset is exactly what was missing to allow people in different time zones to work together seamlessly."

Steve Moseley

CTO @ Unstack

See analytics and trends

Friday automatically rolls up responses and generates beautiful reports to share. See trends unfold over time too.

Replicate what high performers do

Friday is completely customizable, but we also offer templates based on the best practices of top-performers.

Daily Standups

Daily Standups

Coordinate and share priorities and work you've accomplished daily.

Weekly Status


Share highlights, accomplishments, and priorities for the week.


1-1 Meetings

Shift weekly 1-1 meetings to a bi-weekly cadence without missing a beat.

Create your own

Create your own

Any routine communication or update you can think of can be done in Friday.

Why Friday?

You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down and sharing them with others.

Create accountability

80% of our users report that Friday helps improve accountability when working remotely. 

Spend less time in meetings

Reduce the need to spend your day sitting in boring update meetings that could have been an email.

Stop manually reminding people

Stop begging people for updates and feedback about what's going on. You have better things to do.

Turn work into fun

No one likes filling out routine updates. We make the process more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Ditch the spreadsheets

We automatically aggregate responses and create beautiful reports that you can share.

Replace the feeling of the office

It's easy to feel disconnected when you aren't together. Friday gives you the feeling that you are together.

"We have 3 different physical locations and Friday has brought such unity for us. I use it for daily standups, weekly retros, weekly planning, and my one-on-ones."

Justin Battenfield

Justin Battenfield

Chief, Digital @ Anautics

Customize your own routine

Friday is the only fully customizable update tool on the market. We can adapt as your needs change.

"The simplicity of the platform allows us to stay aligned and informed without wasting precious startup time. But the best part of Friday is that it's helping us connect as humans in a time when connection with your colleagues is harder to come by."

Amy VanHaren

CEO @ PumpSpotting

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