Separate the signal from the workplace noise

Friday integrates with tools you already use and centralizes the important work from scattered tools into one place.

How it works

Workplace chat and project management tools are great, but noisy. Friday is an orchestration layer that makes work better.

Workplace Chat

Workplace chat

Friday helps you Marie Kondo your workplace communication. Stay in sync with and never miss out.


Productivity tools

People like different tools. That shouldn't prevent you from seeing what's going on.

Overwhelmed by workplace chat?

Slack and Teams are great, but you need predictable communication without all the noise. Friday is a best friend for these tools and helps you cut down on the needless chatter.

Tame the collaborative noise

There are lots of amazing collaboration tools out there, but that means the work is scattered. You need to glue it together.



Pull in tasks from Asana into your daily planner and work routines.



Pull in cards from Trello into your daily planner and work routines.



Pull in pull requests from Github and provide richer updates.



Import tasks when planning your day and sharing updates.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Pull in Google events when planning your day or sharing updates.

Outlook Logo


Pull Outlook events into your daily planner and updates.

Step #5: Insights

Quantify your work in a new way. Track productivity, sentiment, and more