Progress, plans, no more problems.

The progress, plans, problems (PPPs) template helps you quickly diagnose what's going on at work. Easily understand priorities, momentum, and what roadblocks currently exist.

Better conversations

Integrates with everyday tools

The progress, plans, problems template in Friday is deeply integrated into workplace chat and productivity tools like Slack & Teams.

Reduce workplace noise

See results over time

As people fill out the PPPs, it will roll up to their own employee profile so you can see data over time. Perfect for 1-1s and other meetings.

Distributed Teams

100% customizable

With Friday, you can customize every aspect of the PPPs (questions, reminders, and more)

Progress, Plans, Problems

We've answered your burning questions below.

  • How does progress, plans, problems work?

    Progress, Plans, Problems is the easiest status update template we've seen. It's perfect combination of questions to better understand what's going on. We find it to be useful because it focuses on three factors:

    1. Forward motion - what is being worked on?
    2. Future priorities - what is up next?
    3. Problems - what is impeding progress?

    We wrote about this structure more detail in a recent post.

  • When should I send the plans, progress, problems questions?

    Ideal scenario - this should be sent every week, but if you think it makes more sense to send on a bi-weekly basis, that works too.

    If you send this on a monthly basis, you won't find nearly as much value compared to a more regular cadence.

  • What can I customize in the PPPs template?

    Pretty much everything :)

    • Questions - although we recommend keeping the PPPs questions
    • Timing - pick how frequently you'd like to run the weekly check-in
    • Notifications - who should see the responses?
    • Where the prompt is sent (Slack, email, or both)

    The Friday workflow builder makes it easy to run virtually any communication workflow you can think of, including the PPPs. The only requirement is that it must be a recurring update at work. You can see sample templates and learn more.

  • Who can see the responses?

    With this template, we typically see two common scenarios:

    • Everyone in the team can see it (this is a great way to keep people on the same page)
    • Only the manager can see it (you may see more transparent feedback by going this route)
  • How much does this cost?

    You can get started running this template for free. Friday is a business, so we can't give everything away; premium features are $6/person per month and include:

    • Sending according to someone's timezone
    • See more than 3 weeks of data
    • Unlimited integrations
    • Easily run reports and track completion rate over time
    • Export data to CSV/PDF
    • and more!

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