Friday experience

A little bit of process helps make work better.

Templates make it easy to roll out the work habits of successful individuals, teams, and organizations.

How Templates Work

Templates are like standard operating procedures for workplace communication, but Friday handles it all for you.


Fully Automated

Stop manually asking for updates. Friday handles questions, prompts, reminders, and making sure the right people see the right info.


Completely Integrated

There's no need to jump to another tool to remember what you accomplished. Friday pulls in the work completed, saving you time.


Easy to Report & Share

Benchmark results and see trends. We'll build reports automatically, so you can make sure you are trending in the right direction.

Personal Templates

Top performers create systems for success. Friday provides the structure you need to be more effective at work & life.

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Start your day off by determining the most important tasks you need to complete for the day.

Daily Review

Daily Review

End your day with reflection and review. Plan the next day's tasks and work on the right things.

Weekly review

Weekly Recap

Process your week and document key learnings. Proactively plan for the upcoming week.

Daily Writing

Daily Writing

Create a habit of regular writing and become more creative in work and life.

Goal setting

Monthly Goal-Setting

Take some time to create goals on a regular basis. Reach your potential with monthly goal-setting.


Create your own

Customize your own workflow as you see fit. You can change the questions, timing, and more.

Team Templates

High-performing teams have regular communication habits. Friday makes it easy to setup and maintain them.


Daily Standup

Easily share what you are working on every day. Ideal for highly-collaborative teams.

Status Update

Weekly Status Update

See what everyone accomplished during the week. Walk into weekly staff meetings prepared.

1-1 meeting

1-1 Meetings

Collect an agenda before your 1-1 and have better conversations with less awkwardness.

Plans, Progress, Problems

Plans, Progress, Problems

The easiest way to collect a status update from people on your team. Only three questions!

Check-in Template

Manager Check-in

Understand how your team is feeling and overall sentiment. Captures a pulse of how things are going.


Friday Status Report

Run a traditional weekly status report every Friday and see what everyone is working on.

Company Templates

Great places to work have effective internal communication habits. Friday brings it all together in one place.

CEO update

Weekly CEO Update

Share what you are working on, thinking about, and KPIs that you are tracking towards.

Company Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Share info about new hires, KPIs, and other high-level information that will help keep the company in-sync.

Create your own

Create your own

Customize your recurring company communications and feedback loops. Top-down, or bottoms-up.