That meeting should have been a Friday update

Automate regular updates at work and share progress asynchronously - pointless meetings are not required.

Create communication habits in less time.

A workflow is an automated way to build better habits at work, but Friday does all the hard work for you.

Completely Customizable

Any routine update can happen in Friday. Customize every part of the workflow according to your needs.

Fully Integrated

Receive a DM in workplace chat when it's time to give an update. Pull in work from PM tools.

Easy to Report & Share

See trends and stats automatically, so you can make sure you are moving in the right direction.

For you

The most successful people create thoughtful routines with reflection, gratitude, and prioritization. Friday streamlines this.

Habit Journal

Reflect on how you are feeling and anything else you'd like to remember in the future.

Morning Gratitude

Start your day by practicing gratitude and documenting what you are thankful for.

Daily Log

Outline your must wins for the day and prioritize what you need to do to reach your goals.

For your team

Establish regular communication habits that enable the flow of updates and feedback on a predictable basis.

Daily Standup

Easily share what you are working on every day. Ideal for highly-collaborative teams.

Weekly Updates

See what everyone accomplished during the week. Walk into weekly staff meetings prepared.

1-1 Meetings

Collect an agenda before your 1-1 and have better conversations with less awkwardness.

Plans, Progress, Problems

The easiest way to collect a status update from people on your team. Only three questions!

Team Check-in

Understand how your team is feeling and overall sentiment. Captures a pulse of how things are going.

Status Reporting

Run a traditional weekly status report every Friday and see what everyone is working on.

For your company

Create a communication architecture for work. Stay aligned with top-down updates, or get feedback directly from the frontline.

CEO Update

Share what you are working on, thinking about, and KPIs that you are tracking towards.

Skip-Level Feedback

Collect feedback from the front line on a regular basis to understand how you can improve as a leader

Company Newsletter

Make sure everyone is aware of what's going on every month. Break through the noise of the inbox.

Pulse Surveys

Capture an anonymous temperature check on how people are feeling at work to drive strategic change.

Employee Net Promoter

[Coming soon] Easily benchmark how likely people are to promote the company as a place to work.

Step #2: Integrations

See how we integrate with tools you already use.