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A company newsletter that cuts through the noise

The company newsletter template is a fully customizable workflow available in Friday that helps you share what's going on at work from a high-level.

Break through the noise of the email inbox

Are you tired of important communication falling on deaf ears? It's not intentional, it's because email and chat is noisy.

Better conversations

Improve visibility

With Friday, you can push company newsletters into Slack channels for improved visibility and awareness.

Reduce workplace noise

Structured & automated

A Friday workflow helps you create predictable communication routes in less time.

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Fully automated

Friday automates company updates, including notifications, reminders, and auto-generating reports.

How the company newsletter template works

See how Friday streamlines your most important updates at work.

  • How does a company newsletter work?

    The idea behind a company newsletter is simple. If you'd like to keep a large group of people connected, you need to create regular communication routines to make sure they are aware of what's going on.

    Many organizations will create a company newsletter to make sure people feel connected and aware of what is going on across the company. This cadence typically happens once a month, but it's something that could be more (or less frequent) depending on your needs.

  • How does the company newsletter workflow work in Friday?

    Friday automates as much of the process as possible. If you'd like to send a regular company newsletter right now, you'd need to determine the structure of the update, remember to do it on a regular basis, and manually pick who the update should go to. This is time consuming and inefficient.

    To make things worse, it's easy to forget to do this.

  • "I'd rather send my newsletter via email"

    You can certainly do that, but the issue is that you have zero control over someone's inbox and the amount of information they need to process. One person in your company may receive ten emails a day, while someone else may receive hundreds. 

    This creates a noise problem. The only way to break through is by creating a space for your most important communications at work. Friday can help.

  • What other tools does Friday integrate with?

    Friday integrates with workplace chat tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

    Additionally, when filling out the update, you can automatically "attach" work completed in project management tools. Most importantly, you can easily attach gifs to your updates in Friday, which makes the newsletter more fun and something people will be excited to read.

  • How does this help save me time?

    We automate everything except the update. When it's time to complete the update, we'll send you an email (or DM in Slack). If you forget to fill out the update, we can send you an automated reminder as well.

    Additionally, we provide a structured format that you can can customize and use over time. This creates a familiar format that makes it easier to consume the information.

  • Can I see an archive of updates over time?

    Yes! If you use the Friday newsletter template (or any other workflow), all responses roll-up in a centralized place over time. It's almost like a work log or journal of regular updates.

    This helps new hires quickly onboard and provides useful context over time that is impossible to see over email.

  • How should the newsletter be structured?

    It depends! We recommend the following sections:

    • Key Metrics (progress on goals)
    • Employee Events (new hires, departures, etc)
    • The plan for the next month (what people can expect in the next month)

    You can customize things as you see fit!

  • How much does this cost?

    We offer a free plan to get started, which you can start using for free. Our premium tier starts at $6/mo per person, which includes advanced functionality.

  • Can people respond and react to the update?

    This is another major benefit to using Friday. You can react to updates via emoji & comments. This helps create a feedback loop with the content and helps make regular updates fun.

We started using Friday so we can streamline the most important communication and drive transparency across the team. I love the weekly CEO note. It gives me an opportunity to set the focus/pace each week."

Grant Deken

Grant Deken

CEO of Unstack

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