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Friday makes it easy to share what you're working on asynchronously, so you can accelerate routine meetings.

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Why Friday?

Here is what makes us different:


Fully Customizable

We are the only fully customizable tool to share regular updates


More than updates

Updates can be more meaningful when you power them up


Automatic Reports

See automatic reports and trends over time. See individual profiles

Easy to use

Create an automated routine in seconds.

Plays nicely with others

We integrate with popular workplace tools


Pick a template

Friday will automate as much of the process as possible.

daily standup

Daily Standup

Quickly understand what people are working on and where they might be stuck.

Start, Stop, Keep

Sprint Retrospectives

Reflect at the end of a sprint and inspect and identify ways to improve as a team.

Plans, Progress, Problems

Plans, Progress, Problems

The easiest way to give an update. It's only three questions and takes five minutes to fill out.

"This tool is great for replacing retrospectives! It helps us to get the info we need without wasting time we could better spend on engineering."

Justin Harrison

Justin Harrison

Director of Innovation, Maxar Technologies

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