Share progress, pointless meetings are not required

Friday makes it easy to share what you're working on asynchronously. So you can get back to writing code and spend less time in aimless scrum meetings.

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Automate scrum routines

Friday creates structure and process to how you communicate, improving outcomes and saving you time.

Configure a workflow

Pick a template or build your own process from scratch. Configure questions, reminders, and more.

Collect responses

Gathering info asynchronously saves time in meetings and serves as a foundation for efficient discussion.

Improve transparency

When you understand what's going on, you won't need to spend as much time in update meetings.

Ideal for Distributed Teams

It can be difficult to coordinate across timezones. We can help you get the insights you need without another meeting.

Plays nicely with others

Friday integrates with leading project management and workplace chat tools, freeing up more time for deep work.

Engineering Templates

We automate regular engineering routines, saving you time in meetings.

Daily Standup

Quickly understand what people are working on and where they might be stuck.

Weekly Retrospective

Sync up on how the week went. What went well? What do you we need to improve in the future?

Plans, Progress, Problems

Collect a status update on a regular basis. It's only three questions and takes five minutes to fill out.

"This tool is great for replacing retrospectives! It helps us to get the info we need without wasting time we could better spend on engineering."

Justin Harrison

Justin Harrison

Director of Innovation, Maxar Technologies

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Friday makes agile routines easier, without meetings.