Get to know your coworkers

Why is it easier to get to know people outside your company than it is for your coworkers? That won't happen anymore with Friday.


A little awareness goes a long way

When working remotely, it's easy to feel like the people you work with are just words on a screen. That won't happen anymore.

People in one place

Easily navigate across your team or company with our people directory.

See what you've accomplished

See a running log of your updates over time.

Get to know others

See answers to icebreaker questions and feel a bit more connected.

How do people profiles work?

We've answered your burning questions below:

  • What is on a profile?

    A people profile has a few sections listed below:

    • Basic Information - name, role, birthday (optional) and work anniversary 
    • Icebreakers - A power-up that helps you get to know coworkers
    • Updates - See a running log of updates (based on visibility)
    • Kudos - A power-up that helps you say thanks more often.
  • Who can see profiles?

    Everyone in your organization can see your profile. With that being said, certain content is displayed based on the visibility settings you establish for the workflow.

  • How does this help me bond with coworkers?

    There is no replacement for getting to know coworkers in person. But we think there's a need to provide "digital breadcrumbs" that make it easy to connect with the people you work with, especially people you don't know well.

    A bit of information helps humanize the people you work with, so they feel more like people and less like robots.

  • What are kudos?

    Friday offers the ability to send recognition as part of the update process. This will rollup to a people profile.

  • Can I hide updates on profiles?

    When you create a workflow in Friday, you specify who can see the responses. These settings carry over to people profiles. Don't worry, your 1-1 meeting agenda items won't be displayed to everyone in your company :)

  • Can I customize icebreaker questions?

    Yes! You can customize fun questions to ask your team.

  • Will people answer icebreaker questions?

    We have the ability to include icebreaker questions when completing updates (you can turn this on or off). Feel free to give it a try and see if it works for your team.