Kickstart better work

See how people like to work and what they are working on.


Your coworkers are people, not robots!

When working remotely, it's easy to feel like the people you work with are just words on a screen. That won't happen anymore.

See people in one place

Easily navigate across your team or company with our people directory.

Know what's going on

See a running log of what each person is working on over time.

Get to know others

Icebreakers help you get to know coworkers on a personal level.

How do people profiles work?

We've answered your burning questions below:

  • What is on a profile?

    A people profile has a few sections listed below:

    • Basic Information - name, role, birthday (optional) and work anniversary¬†
    • Icebreakers - Q&A that helps you get to know coworkers
    • Updates - see what what someone is working on
    • Kudos¬†- see recognition they have sent and received
  • Who can see profiles?

    Everyone in your organization can see your profile. With that being said, certain content is displayed based on the visibility settings you have. For example, private kudos won't be visible to the entire team.

  • How does this help me bond with coworkers?

    There is no replacement for getting to know coworkers in person. But we think there's a need to provide "digital breadcrumbs" that make it easy to connect with the people you work with, especially people you don't know well.

    A bit of information helps humanize the people you work with, so they feel more like people and less like robots.

  • What are kudos?

    Friday offers the ability to send recognition as part of the update process. This will rollup to a people profile.

  • Can I hide updates on profiles?

    When you create a workflow in Friday, you specify who can see the responses. These settings carry over to people profiles. Don't worry, your 1-1 meeting agenda items won't be displayed to everyone in your company :)

  • Can I customize icebreaker questions?

    For free accounts, we will have a few default questions your team can answer. For paid customers, you will be able to customize the icebreaker questions you ask your team!

  • Will people answer icebreaker questions?

    Good question! We have the ability to include icebreaker questions when completing updates (you can turn this on or off), which increases the likelihood that people will respond.

    Also, if someone doesn't complete icebreakers for their own profile, they can't see the answers from the rest of the team. This creates a level playing field.