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Everything you need to try out Friday

  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Unlimited Users
  • 2 week response history
  • Chat Integrations
  • Power-ups (Kudos, Icebreakers)
  • Most Recent Report


For teams who want to stay in sync - $6/mo per person

  • Everything in Free, plus
  • Unlimited response history
  • All Reports/Trends
  • CSV Export
  • Premium Integrations
  • Timezone-based sends
  • Goals Power-up


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  • Everything in Team, plus
  • Anonymous workflows
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • API Access (coming soon)
  • Advanced Roles/Permissions
  • Suggestion Box Power-up
  • SSO/SAML (coming soon)
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Pricing FAQ

Need clarification? We've answered some common questions below.

  • Is this only for teams or companies?

    Nope! If you signup as an individual you can run your own personal work habits (like outlining priorities at the beginning of the day or recapping your week). We plan on supporting individuals as well as teams (and companies).

    With that being said, we have a lot of value that teams and entire organizations will enjoy.

  • What are integrations and how do they work?

    There are two types of integrations:

    1. Slack/Microsoft Teams - easily receive notifications and push responses into specific channels. This is included for all plans.
    2. Project management tools - when submitting an update, easily pull the work into your updates so you don't need to jump into another tool to remember what you accomplished.
  • Can responses only be visible to managers or team leaders?

    You have complete control over visibility and can specify it at the workflow level. For example, you could do a weekly update where the results only roll up to team leaders vs. the entire group.

    Advanced rollup functionality is part of our roles/permissions functionality and is included in our Business plan.

  • What are Power-Ups? Why should I care?

    Power-ups bolt onto workflows and make them more useful. For example, when setting up a daily standup workflow, you can enable the kudos power-up. Then, when people are filling out the standup, they could send recognition to coworkers for a job-well-done.

    This is an easy way to encourage behavior that doesn't come easy.

  • I already use Slack or Microsoft Teams, why should I use this?

    We think workplace chat is effective at back-and-forth conversations and ad-hoc conversations. With that being said, we think Friday helps you create process and structure to the way that you communicate, which these tools lack.

    Think about it - in every part of work, you try to create a repeatable process, why not do the same for the way you communicate?

  • I run a growing business, what plan should I choose?

    We recommend signing up for a free account and seeing what you think. You can also contact us and we'll give you a personalized walkthrough of the product and answer any questions you have.

  • How do businesses use Friday?

    If you want to see specifics, we put together a post on how we use Friday to build Friday. You can read that here.

    Alternatively, you can visit our customer stories as well.

  • How does reporting/stats work?

    When you or your team complete a workflow, we'll roll up the results automatically in fancy reports. You can segment results by team and visualize the information without needing to use Excel or Google sheets. We provide a variety of charting options.

    In the future, we plan on making it really easy to export the results in a PDF for meetings or sharing.