The #1 Penzu Alternative is the easiest way to start any habit. Unlike Penzu, we offer customizable templates to help you reflect, write more often, and be more proactive in life (and at work).

An alternative to Penzu

Penzu is a writing app that helps you keep a private journal. is a suite of tools to help you reflect, write more often, and become a better version of yourself. Yes, you can build a writing habit too if you'd like!

If you'd like to see other options, check our ourĀ best digital journaling apps list.

Customizable Templates

Unlike Penzu, Friday has customizable templates for any scenario.

More than a Private Journal

Private journaling is nice, but Friday is so much more than a writing app.

Integrated & Connected

Friday integrates with apps that you already use, saving you time.

Modern & Updated

Unlike Penzu, Friday is constantly updated and improved.

Personal Templates

Prompts unlock better thoughts is the best Penzu alternative because our system integrates writing prompts and structured reflection. It's not a blank sheet of digital paper, the structure provides a jumping off point for your thoughts.

What are you working on

Friday helps you drive habit change in life & at work.

If you'd like to be more proactive and productive at work and in life, you need to use Friday instead of Penzu. We will help you do accomplish more than writing, we'll help you change the way you work.

Browse sample templates for how you can make work better.

Friday helps you work better.

Weekly Update

Reflect and figure out where you can improve in the upcoming week.

CEO Update

Quickly share what you are thinking about on a regular basis.

I use Friday at work to understand what my team is working on and where they might be stuck. I also use it for my own personal habit-building and it's awesome!

Source 1

Ally Lord

Director of Sales, Momentum Consulting

Friday helps me be more thoughtful and structured in my every life and at work. It really helps me be more productive.

Source 2

Jack McDermott

Product Marketing Manager, Panorama Education

Get better at what you do.

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