Make every workday count

See meetings, tasks, and work routines in one place. Instantly roadmap your day and focus on the most important work.

How it works

The daily planner centralizes your most important work into one place from tools you already use. It's like a personal secretary for your workday.


Pull in your meetings from Google Calendar and Outlook.


See tasks from Asana, Trello, Todoist or create your own from scratch.


Kickstart work routines, like daily recaps, weekly updates, and more

A bit of structure for your day

Friday glues your work together from scattered tools, giving you clarity. Finish your day knowing that you made progress.

Daily Planner

I've tried using todo apps for years, but they never stuck and I'd become demoralized. Friday takes a new approach by embedding into existing habits, which improves the likelihood that you will succeed over the long-term. Try it out, you will see what I mean.

Luke Thomas

Founder of Friday

Step #2: Routines

See how Friday helps you create better work routines and automate routine updates at work