Make every day Friday

Learn how we can help you work better.

GoodCall Recruiting

See how Blake Wittman, the CEO of a recruiting firm uses Friday to proactively identify how things are going inside the company.

"Friday allows us to action small issues before they become big ones. I can also see month by month what is the mood of the company..." - Blake Wittman, CEO

Maersk Shipping

Learn how the world's largest container shipping container company used Friday to achieve the highest Gallup recognition score in Maersk's Africa presence.

"Friday has proven to be a very simple and effective tool to boost employee engagement, alignment and recognition in my team." - Charlie Coombs, General Manager

Radiant Solutions

See how Justin Harrison, a technical director at a defense firm uses Friday to eliminate weekly retrospective meetings.

"This tool is great for replacing retrospectives! It helps us to get the info we need without wasting time we could better spend on engineering." - Justin Harrison, Technical Director 

Vero Software

Read how Chris Hexton, the CEO of a venture-funded technology company uses Friday to make decisions faster and with more insight.

"I was skeptical at first, but once people started providing results I could easily see the benefits." - Chris Hexton, CEO

Doran Scales

See how Doran Scales uses Friday to encourage feedback and recognition inside the company.

"Friday gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on the help of their teammates and to give thanks." - Shani Podl, Vice President

Woodview Mental Health Services

Learn how Leona Olney, the Program Manager at a nonprofit in Ontario uses weekly check-ins to better understand what's going on with her team.

"As a manager, it has saved me time and allows me to be more efficient." - Leona Olney, Program Manager