Make remote work

Enable productive habits, foster positive collaboration, and reduce the amount of work that feels like work.

The easiest way to orchestrate work

Friday is a new tool for a new way of working. Win the day, spend less time in meetings, and do your best work.

For You

Know exactly what you need to accomplish everyday. It's like a daily planner/journal for your work.


For your Team

Stay in sync without another update meeting. Free up time to do the work that really matters.

For your Company

Create alignment and know what's going on. Stay productive without sacrificing company culture.

Instantly roadmap your day

See your meetings, tasks, and routines pulled from tools you already use. Start your day knowing exactly what you need to accomplish.

Automate routine updates

Say goodbye to meetings that could have been an email. Friday pulls your work into view and makes it easy to share high-quality updates, faster.

Boost your work

Create connection and alignment when working from afar. Power-ups are customizable add-ons that help you track progress towards goals, say thanks more often, and more.

Measure, then improve

Quantify your work in a new way. Track productivity, sentiment, time spent in meetings, and more.

The most important work, in one place

Friday is a coordination layer that sits on top of tools you already use, like workplace chat and project management software.

Trusted by leading organizations:

"Friday has quickly become the foundation of successful collaboration for our remote-first team. We spend less time in meetings and the ones we have are vastly more productive."

Mark Catalano


Playbooks for success

Replicate what high-performers do. Friday automates the boring details, which is the difference between success & failure.

Daily Standups

Daily Standups

Coordinate and share priorities and work you've accomplished daily.

Create your own

Weekly Updates

Review your week and share everything that you've accomplished.

Weekly Status

Sprint Retrospectives

Review highlights, accomplishments, and priorities for the sprint.


1-1 Meetings

Kickstart amazing 1-1s by collecting the important stuff beforehand.

"I’ve tried managing a distributed team via Slack, PM tools, email, and Hangouts before. It’s unmanageable. Friday’s toolset is exactly what was missing to allow people in different time zones to work together seamlessly."

Steve Moseley

CTO @ Unstack

Integrates with tools you already use

Friday doesn't replace workplace chat tools like Slack or project management software like Asana and Jira. We are a layer on top of them and we'll help you coordinate across them.

Ready to get started?

Friday is free to try - there's no credit card required.