The missing productivity tool for remote teams

87% of users report that Friday makes it easier to work remotely. Friday is the missing half of workplace chat.

"I’ve tried managing a distributed team via Slack, PM tools, email, and Hangouts before. It’s unmanageable. Friday’s toolset is exactly what was missing to allow people in different time zones to work together seamlessly."

Steve Moseley

CTO @ Unstack

Something is missing right now

It's never been easier to send a message in Slack or jump on a Zoom call, but it's never been more difficult to understand what's going on. Why?

We have pipes

Existing tools like Slack and Zoom have created communication "pipes" for remote teams. 

We need pumps

But these tools lack process and structure. We need communication "pumps" to make things predictable.

The end of chaos at work

Friday helps you create predictable work routines, so you can understand exactly what's going on, no matter where your team is based.

The missing link for tools you already use

Friday integrates with workplace chat and collaboration tools, helping you separate the signal from the noise. It's the missing tool for distributed teams.

"Friday has quickly become the foundation of successful collaboration for our remote-first team. We spend less time in meetings and the ones we have are vastly more productive."

Mark Catalano


Don't believe us?

We recently asked Friday users to share how it's helping them work remotely. Here's what they told us:

Stay in sync

81% of users report that Friday helps them stay in sync

Improve transparency

85% of users report that Friday improves transparency at work

Create accountability

80% of users report that Friday improves accountability at work

Improve remote culture

78% of users report that Friday improves remote team culture

Stay connected

82% of users report that Friday helps them stay connected

Save time

50% of users report saving at least an hour a week in meetings

"The simplicity of the platform allows us to stay aligned and informed without wasting precious startup time. But the best part of Friday is that it's helping us connect as humans in a time when connection with your colleagues is harder to come by."

Amy VanHaren

CEO @ PumpSpotting

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