Vero - Customer Story

"I was skeptical at first, but once people started providing results I could easily see the benefits." - Chris Hexton, CEO

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"In a way, this is like analytics for my team"

Meet Chris Hexton. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Vero. His company has eleven employees, with plans to double in size this year. As a team leader, Chris is responsible for understanding the current state of employee morale and making sure the team is highly productive.

Like most leaders, Chris used a few common techniques to keep tabs on the pulse of his team.

"I had 1-2 monthly one-on-ones with everyone on the team, and used this as a way to get feedback, but this was both non-regimented and obviously face-to-face."

Two Problems.

Chris continues, “The main problem was that feedback needs to be timely. It’s really easy to have an uplifting one-on-one and get positive feedback, but this does not capture each employee’s journey or how they’re trending."

"Another problem is that the face-to-face nature of those meetings make it very personal. It’s much harder to say 'we’re doing X, Y and Z badly' to the CEO’s face than in a well-considered email.

Then Chris heard about Friday.

"I was prompted to check it out because I’d heard of one or two companies using more formal approaches to collecting feedback.

Friday Feedback handled the collection, the reminding, the charting, the aggregation of individuals’ feedback and so on. I was skeptical at first about the entire process….but ultimately decided it couldn’t hurt to try it."

Fast forward several months, and here's what Chris says now...

“Friday Feedback is proving very useful to me because it’s a central, consistent log of employee feedback.

"In a way, this is like analytics for our team."

The format gives employees a chance to be honest and considered in what they write and I’m finding that the feedback is much more actionable and also raw. Raw feedback is like raw data: it lets me make real decisions faster and with more insight.”

The best parts according to Chris:

"The individual reports on each employee that can be run and printed. This is superb to hand back to an employee and discuss their ups and downs at a one-on-one. It has made our recent one-on-ones much more effective."

"The kudos feature, seems like a real winner. It encourages interaction by giving employees another reason to engage: to thank each other."