Start, Stop, Keep

What should your team start, stop, & keep doing?

The start, stop, keep template helps you automatically discover things you should stop doing, start doing, and double-down on. Perfect for sprint retrospectives!

Automate retrospectives in less time

We can help you collect more honest feedback behind a screen. Stop putting people on the spot in meetings and gather better data.

Better conversations

Collect info asynchronously

The stop/start/keep template can be baked into workplace tools you already use, like Slack, Teams, and project management tools.

Reduce workplace noise

See trends over time

Easily measure and track results over time. Charts & graphs will help you figure out if things are trending in the right direction.

Distributed Teams

Fully customizable

With Friday, you can customize every aspect of the collection process (questions, reminders, notifications, and much more). 

Start, Stop, Keep Template FAQ

Automate regular feedback loops at work.

  • What questions are asked in this template?

    As the name suggests, the start/stop/keep template asks the following questions:

    • What should we start doing?
    • What should we stop doing?
    • What should we keep doing?

    This is a great way to easily capture what's going on from a high-level. I think of this template as a great way to learn strengths, weaknesses, and leverage points as a team or business.

  • How does the start/stop/keep template work in Friday?

    Friday makes it easy to automatically ask, collect, and report on these questions on a regular basis. With Friday, you can setup a workflow to have your team or company answer these questions on a regular basis (monthly/quarterly/etc).

    Any routine communication can be performed in Friday. Specifically, we help break down the barriers to providing regular updates, which streamlines feedback.

  • How does Friday automate this process?

    With our workflow builder, you can customize notifications, prompts, reminders, schedule and more. Typically, collecting feedback on a regular basis requires a lot of manual intervention, nagging, etc. With Friday, we do all the hard work for you.

  • Who can see responses?

    It depends on how you set up the workflow! In this situation, we recommend two possible formats:

    • Visible to everyone (increases transparency)
    • Visible to leaders (encourages more honest feedback as it's not seen by everyone)
  • "I'd rather ask these questions in a meeting"

    If you browse Facebook or Twitter, you will see people saying things that they would never say in-person. In certain scenarios, this is terrible. If you use this correctly, you can collect more honest feedback behind a screen than you can in-person.

    This is because people have time to think, edit, and compose a message for clarity. That doesn't happen in a meeting because people are put on the spot. This is known as the online disinhibition effect.

  • How often should I ask these questions?

    We recommend that you ask these questions on a monthly or quarterly basis. Whatever cadence you choose can be accomplished in Friday.

  • What else can Friday do?

    We help streamline routine communication and updates, no matter what that looks like. We help you create more predictable communication because we break down the barriers to sharing updates and feedback.

  • How much does this cost?

    You can get started using Friday for free, with certain restrictions. Our free plan is robust enough for you to get up and running with your team and see exactly how this process works before you need to upgrade your account.

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Justin Battenfield

Justin Battenfield

Chief, Digital @ Anautics

Automate feedback loops at work

Friday helps you discover what you should start/stop/keep doing in less time.