Pulse Survey Template

A pulse survey template that works as hard as you do

The pulse survey template is a fully customizable, anonymous workflow that automates routine feedback with your company. It takes minutes to get up and running.

Collect anonymous feedback on a regular basis

Friday is a centralized place for your most important workplace communication.

Better conversations

In the flow of work

Friday integrates with everyday tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, which improves the response rate.

Reduce workplace noise

Consolidate your tools

You shouldn't need one tool for check-ins, another for pulse surveys, and another for company updates.

Distributed Teams

Fully automated

Friday automates as much of the process as possible. You are busy, let us handle the heavy lifting for you.

How the pulse survey template works

See how Friday automates regular feedback at work.

  • How does a pulse survey work?

    A pulse survey is an anonymous way to collect feedback about what's going on at work from a higher-level. This helps HR and executive teams understand the structural changes they need to make to improve the organization.

    A pulse survey is typically administered a few times a year (oftentimes quarterly) and the results are benchmarked over time.

  • How does the pulse survey workflow work in Friday?

    Friday automates everything except actually giving feedback. We handle notifications, reminders, questions (which you can customize) and more. The goal is to save you time and help you create more predictable communication processes at work.

  • "Why should I use Friday vs. another pulse survey tool?"

    It's simple. Friday offers a centralized place for your most important updates at work. This includes team updates, newsletters, standups, and more.

    By combining regular communication and feedback into a single tool, it decreases the cost and helps you get better visibility into what's going on at work.

    If you use another system, you will need to purchase one tool for pulse surveys, another tool for weekly check-ins, and more. Friday brings all this together into one place at a lower cost.

  • What other tools does Friday integrate with?

    Friday integrates with workplace chat tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams. When it's time to give feedback, they will receive a direct message (in the flow of work) that can easily be actioned on. 

    This dramatically improves the response rate as it's much easier to give feedback.

  • Can I see trends and reports over time?

    Absolutely. Pulse survey questions (likert/agreement scale) can be tracked and benchmarked over time. This helps you understand if your initiatives are working or not.

  • How much does this cost?

    Anonymous surveying is available in our organization plan, which costs $9/mo per person.

  • How frequently should I run a pulse survey?

    We recommend running these quarterly or twice a year. The more frequently you run it, the more likely your will company will burn out over time.

  • What questions should I ask?

    It's up to you! You could model questions based on the Gallup Q12 or come up with your own. We provide a canvas and recommendations, but you can determine what makes sense for your organization.

  • Why don't you allow anonymous surveys on the team plan?

    Anonymous feedback should be used sparingly. Most of the time, feedback and updates should be named. If you want to build a transparent culture, anonymous feedback is not the ideal mechanism to do this.

    With that being said, we see value in collect anonymous feedback a few times a year.

"Friday helps me keep a pulse on how everyone in our agency feels things are going. We’ve uncovered vital insights around process improvements, client opportunities, and growth potential."

Ross Beyeler

Ross Beyeler

COO, Trellis

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