Automate progress reports without another meeting.

The progress report template helps you automate routine updates and share progress without a status update meeting.

Progress Report Template FAQ

We've compiled a best practices guide to answer any questions you have about progress reports in Friday.

  • What is a progress report?

    This isn't rocket science. A progress report is a log of the work that you've completed and have left to do on a project, initiative, or goal. These reports help stakeholders understand what's going on without the need to micromanage or always ask, "what's going on with ______?"

  • Why should I report on my progress at work?

    It's a much better use of your time to be proactive and share this information instead of being reactive. If stakeholders don't understand what's going on, this can make them nervous. As a result, they will ask you for a status update or will hold a meeting where you report on what you are doing.

    These meetings tend to be an epic waste of time, so compiling a report is a great way to reduce or eliminate the need for these meetings.

  • When should I share a progress report?

    We recommend a weekly progress report, but it may make more sense to do this bi-weekly or maybe even monthly.

    In any of these scenarios, Friday can help you automate this process, save time, and restore sanity.

  • Is Friday customizable? Can I change questions and prompts?

    Friday is fully customizable so it adapts to your needs. Specifically, you can customize the following:

    • Cadence - how frequently prompts should be sent to you and your team
    • Integrations - receive prompts and reminders in Slack or Microsoft Teams.
    • Questions - Pick and choose a variety of questions (emojis, open-ended, multiple choice, and more)
    • Reminders - if someone doesn't fill out a progress update, we can remind them
    • Audience - Who should be prompted to give an update?
  • Who can see the responses?

    It's up to you. You can invite stakeholders to use Friday, or you can generate and share reports with stakeholders. It's up to you!

  • How is this better than using Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

    We automate as much as the process as possible which saves you time and headaches. If you like reminding your team to give updates, you should use a document.

    Additionally, we make giving regular updates way more fun with power-ups. It makes sharing updates feel less like work and more like a game.

  • Any tips when doing progress reports?

    There are a few best practices to make the most of sharing updates at work. We've shared our favorite tips below:

    1.) Use these progress reports to save time in meetings - meetings are great for collaboration, not basic information sharing.

    2.) Roll up responses at employee level - after a few months of reporting, rollup the responses per employee and see exactly what someone's contributions were over a given period of time. It's like a work log.

    3.) Document output, not activity - encourage the team to document output vs. activity. This is a major lesson we learned in the book, High Output Management. It's not useful to see a list of activities someone completed for the week. 

    4.) Keep it simple - Don't reinvent the wheel. The more questions you ask, the more likely someone is to not complete the update. Limit the report to 3-4 questions.

    5.) Map work to a higher-level goal - how did the day-to-day work contribute to a higher-level purpose, goal, or company strategy? Make sure to document why you are working on a particular item.

    6.) A great report makes all the difference - the report structure is very important. Put the most important information at the top. Friday automatically generates a beautiful report you can share with stakeholders.

  • How much does Friday cost?

    You can get started running progress reports for free. We are a business, so we can't give everything away, so premium features are $6/person per month and include:

    • Sending according to someone's timezone (great for remote teams)
    • See more than 3 weeks of data
    • Integrations (automatically pull the work in from tools)
    • Easily run reports and track completion rate over time
    • Export data to CSV/PDF
    • Roll up responses to an employee profile

    We are confident that Friday can save you hours every week and help you track progress at work.

  • What questions should I ask in a progress report?

    It depends on the cadence, but if you run this cadence weekly, we recommend the following questions:

    • Quick Summary - this helps you convey the most important information
    • What progress have you made this week? - this helps you show forward momentum
    • What are your priorities for next week? - this question helps you explain where you are going in the future
    • Any blockers? - this question outlines any roadblocks that you might face

Automate team progress reports

Stop manually asking your team to complete updates and wasting time compiling reports. Let Friday handle it for you instead.

Better conversations


The progress report template is deeply integrated into workplace tools you already use.

Reduce workplace noise


Easily measure and track results over time. Automatically generate a beautiful report to share.

Distributed Teams


Friday makes giving regular updates more fun, which means your team is more likely to do it.

"Friday is a wonderful tool to report on work done during the week, particularly for teams that are not seated on the same location as their leader."

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