Morning Routine Template

For thousands of years, successful individuals have created effective morning routines. Friday is like a digital habit journal that helps you become more successful at work.

Better conversations

Like a digital work journal

Friday is like a digital, structured journal that helps you hit you remember your past, plan for the future, and hit your goals.

Reduce workplace noise

Integrated & connected

When you complete your updates, we'll automatically pull in the work from tools like Trello, Google Calendar, or Asana.

Distributed Teams

100% customizable

With Friday, you can customize every aspect of your morning routine (questions, reminders, and much more)

Morning Routine Template FAQ

Are you curious about how the morning routine template works in Friday? We've answered your most pressing questions:

Habit Templates

The morning routine template is only one of many work habits you can run with Friday. Here are a few others:

Ben Franklin's 13 Virtues

See how Benjamin Franklin would structure his day and start healthy habits to enable his success.

Daily Standup

Easily see what everyone is working on every day with a few quick questions to track progress.

Weekly Check-In

Check in and see how your team is feeling/performing on a regular basis. Track sentiment and priorities.

Regular habits drive success. 

Friday is a completely customizable canvas that dramatically improves the way you work. Try it out for free.