Morning Routine Template

The easiest way to start your day on the right foot

For thousands of years, successful individuals have recognized the benefits of effective morning routines. Friday makes it easy to automate best practices so you can hit your goals faster.

Automate your morning routine

Friday is the only fully automated, integrated, and completely customizable way to complete your morning routines.

Better conversations


Friday helps you kickstart new habits faster by automating the boring stuff, like reminders, notifications, and more!

Distributed Teams


Unlike other tools, Friday is completely customizable and can accomodate any routine you can dream up.

Reduce workplace noise


Friday integrates with popular tools that you are already using. There's no need to reinvent the wheel or repeat yourself.

Morning Routine Template FAQ

Are you curious about how the morning routine template works in Friday? We've answered your most pressing questions below:

Kickstart new habits

The morning routine template is only one of many work habits you can run with Friday. Here are a few others:

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Weekly Check-In

Check in and see how your team is feeling/performing on a regular basis. Track sentiment and priorities.

The quickest path to better work 

Friday makes it easy to replicate and automate what high-performing individuals and teams do manually right now.