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Capture the information you need to keep work on track, without constant status update meetings.

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The easiest way to track progress

Friday helps you understand what's going on with less time spent in update meetings.



Pick a template or build your own cadence from scratch. Configure questions, reminders, and more.



Stop running around asking people for status updates. We will help you automate as much as possible. 


Saves time

Instantly roll up the responses in a beautiful report, so you can save time writing updates.

Saves you time

Speed up the efficiency of your update meetings, or maybe you don't need the meeting at all?

Plays nicely with others

Friday integrates with tools you already use


Product Management Templates

Pick and choose what works (or create your own from scratch)

Daily Standup

Daily Standups

Quickly understand what people are working on and where they might be stuck.

Status Update

Progress Updates

Save a ridiculous amount of time every week on regular reporting. We handle all the boring details.

Plans, Progress, Problems

Plans, Progress, Problems

Collect a status update on a regular basis. It's only three questions and takes five minutes to fill out.

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