Rollout the best practices of high-performing teams

Become a more strategic people leader by rolling out the best practices of great teams & companies. Friday is a tool your team will actually want to use.

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A productivity tool for teams, an engagement solution for you

Most HR software on the market is another system that employees never use. Friday is a team productivity tool with benefits for you.



Friday offers customizable communication templates that make it easy to collect feedback.



A tool is only as useful when people use it. Friday integrates with all the tools your company already uses.


Instant visibility

Instantly roll up the responses in a report, so you can see trends over time.

A people platform

Friday enables the regular flow of information inside a team or across the company.


Recognition in Workflow

Send twice as much recognition compared to other tools on the market.

Send Kudos

Plays nicely with others

Friday fits into the flow of everyday work, driving more usage and utilization. We aren't your normal HR tool.


Human Resource Templates

Pick and choose what works (or create your own from scratch)

Weekly Check-In

Provide the tools for team leaders to have continuous conversations and catch potential problems faster.

eNPS surveys

The employee net promoter score is the quickest way to get a baseline of employee engagement.

Pulse Surveys

Capture anonymous employee feedback on a regular basis and discover areas to focus on.

Best practices, available for all

Become a more strategic people leader. Rollout a tool teams actually want to use.