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It's your job to steer the ship, but are people rowing in the right direction? How is sentiment across the company right now? Friday can help.

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"Friday helps me keep a pulse on how everyone in our agency feels things are going. We’ve uncovered vital insights around process improvements, client opportunities and growth potential."

Ross Beyeler

Ross Beyeler

COO, Trellis

Operationalize Communication

Create a communication architecture at work. Make sure information flows on a regular basis to the right people.



Customizable communication templates make it easy to collect regular feedback and updates.


Easy to use

A tool is only useful when people use it. With Friday, your team will get excited about giving updates.


Identify trends

Instantly see what's going on inside your company. Segment results by department or team.

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See how easy it is to automate updates and feedback at work.


Plays nicely with others

Friday integrates with tools you already use.


Executive Templates

Pick a template or create your own from scratch

Weekly check-in

Weekly Check-In

See what's going on. Friday can help you understand sentiment and spot areas to improve every week.

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Status Reports

Capture a high-level view into what people are working on and where they are trending over time.

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CEO Update

Share key insights and top-down updates with the company on a regular basis. Stay aligned.

"The simplicity of the platform allows us to stay aligned and informed without wasting precious startup time. But the best part of Friday is that it's helping us connect as humans in a time when connection with your colleagues is harder to come by."

Amy VanHaren

CEO @ PumpSpotting

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