Truly understand what's going on at work

Friday reduces the need to hold meetings and rely on personal observation to understand what's going on. Catch potential problems quicker and grow faster.

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"Friday helps me keep a pulse on how everyone in our agency feels things are going. We’ve uncovered vital insights around process improvements, client opportunities and growth potential."

Ross Beyeler

Ross Beyeler

COO, Trellis

Communication Process Management

Create a communication architecture at work. Make sure information flows on a regular basis to the right people.



Customizable communication templates make it easy to collect regular feedback and updates.



A tool is only as useful when people use it. Friday integrates with all the tools your company already uses.


Instant Reporting

Instantly see what's going on inside your company. Segment by department or team.

Instantly see what's going on

Friday enables the regular flow of information and updates across your company.


Plays nicely with others

Friday is something your company will actually want to use, which gives you richer insights and better data.


Executive Playbooks

Pick a template  (or create your own from scratch)

Weekly Check-In

Drive agility at the team level. Enable team leaders to collect feedback on a regular basis.


Quickly drill into what's going on. We make this possible on a regular basis without a meeting.

CEO Update

Share key insights and top-down updates with the company on a regular basis. Highlight initiatives.

"Friday is proving very useful to me because it’s a central, consistent log of employee feedback"

Chris Vero

Chris Hexton

CEO, Vero

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