A perfect complement for Slack.

Slack is really great at back-and-forth collaboration. Friday is really great at creating regularly occurring, structured communication habits.

Slackbot Kudos

Hold Standups in Slack

Friday makes it easy to hold asynchronous daily standups with your team without leaving Slack. We automatically remind your team to share what they are working on and results are pushed into a channel of your choosing. Results can be easily exported and referenced anywhere.

Friday Feedback check-in

Retrospectives with your team.

Every week (or two), ask a few quick questions in Slack to understand what's going on with each person on your team. Quickly understand sentiment, what they accomplished, and where they might be stuck.

Additionally, surface suggestions for improvement and send recognition to others for a job-well-done.

Kudos Slack

Send Recognition in Slack

It's super easy to say thank-you more often. Just type the /kudos slash command and easily send a kudo to someone on your team. Kudos can be privately send or posted publicly in a channel of your choosing.

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