Friday + Slack = better work

Friday makes it easy to automate regular updates in Slack (daily standups, status updates, check-ins, and more).

Automate daily standups, updates, and more

Friday makes it easy to setup and establish a communication architecture at work. We can handle any recurring updates  like daily standups1-1sstatus reporting, and anything else you can think of.

See examples of the workflows we support in our template gallery or create your own.

"We have 3 different physical locations and Friday has brought such unity for us. I use it for daily standups, weekly retros, weekly planning, and my one-on-ones."


Justin Battenfield

Chief, Digital @ Anautics

Fully Customizable

Friday is the only Slackbot that allows you to completely customize routine communication and updates.

Your communication needs change over time. If you use Friday, you won't have to bounce around between various tools for standups, retrospectives, and other routine updates.

Standup Direct Message

Baked into existing workflows

Based on how you configure workflows, we'll send notifications & reminders over direct message in Slack. This is automated, so you don't have to manually ask people.

When people have filled out an update, we'll push it into a channel of your choosing for visibility and awareness

Get started in five minutes

Spend less time manually asking people what's going on. Let us handle it instead.

Slack Modal

Say thanks directly in Slack

It's super easy to say thank-you more often than you do right now.

Type the /kudos slash command and easily send recognition to a coworker. Kudos can be privately sent or posted publicly in a Slack channel.

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