Do you work remotely in the Portland area?

This event has concluded. We are considering doing it again in the future though!

Working remotely is awesome, but human connection matters too.

Do you work remotely, but sometimes miss the water-cooler conversations and human connection that the office provided?

The current reality is that for many distributed workers, it's difficult to meet others in town. For many people, the office provided an easy way to meet others in the area. If you work remotely, you don't have this opportunity. At least it doesn't come easy.

An easy way to meet fellow remote workers in real-life

If you'd like to connect with other remote / distributed workers, you should come to CloudPort on February 26th, at 6pm.

This low-key event will be an easy way to meet people who live nearby who also work remotely.

Who knows, maybe they live right down the street from you or hang out at your favorite coffee shop?

What to expect:


You will meet at least one person

It's no fun to go to an event and stand awkwardly by yourself. We will work hard to intentionally design this event to make it easy to meet others.


Low-key environment

We'll have easy ways to connect with others. Like board games and other things instead of networking events that are full of awkwardness. You know what I mean.


Free stickers (yup)

Any remote worker who attends will leave with a free sticker. Slap it on your computer and make it easy to see and say, "hi" to other people in the area who work remotely.

Why are you doing this?

For years, I have randomly met other people who work in coffee shops, co-working spaces, etc. Why not formalize this a bit more and build friendships with others in the community?

Who else is involved?

Special shout-out to Maine Startups Insider for being a media partner and helping us spread the word!

A bit more about Friday

Yes, it's a day of the week. But we're also trying to make remote work a bit more connected. See our favorite posts on the topic.

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