Take your work routines to another level

Power-ups make routines a lot more meaningful, helping you stay connected and aware of what's going on.

Power up your updates

Friday makes updates fun and feel less like work. They also make it easier to replace the feeling of the office.


Send Kudos

Say thanks more than you do right now.


Track Goals

See key goals and track regular progress


Offer Ideas

Discover ways to improve as a team or company.


Answer Icebreakers

Get to know your team on a more personal basis.

See everything in one place

Power-ups roll-up to their own dedicated feed and people profiles. Push responses into chat and see trends develop over time.

Power-Ups Kudos

How do power-ups work?

Power-ups boost the update experience and make them more fun and meaningful. You can turn them on or off.

Power Ups

Kudos is the key enabler here and the team enjoys the ease of using it. We also use Friday as an idea generation/idea-sharing channel, to enable our continuous improvement drive – which is paramount to our growth strategy and innovation initiatives. 

Charlie C.

General Manager, Maersk Shipping

Step #3: Integrations

See how we integrate and complement existing tools.