Regular conversations drive better outcomes at work.

Friday makes regular conversations at work effortless. Stay updated on what's going on inside your team, or across the entire company.

We power regular, thoughtful conversations at work.

Friday enables better workplace conversations on a regular basis, helping you and your team understand what's going on.

Communication Habits

Complement meetings and capture better insights by kickstarting regularly occurring conversations.

Real Recognition

Say "thank-you" more than you do now. Kudos are baked directly into your regular conversations.

Better Data

All activity rolls up at the team level, giving you quantitative insights into what's going on.

A Personal Approach

Team member profiles empower better insights, making conversations more targeted.


We complement existing communication channels.

Friday integrates into Slack and email, providing timely prompts and encouraging more thoughtful conversations that can be referenced over time.

You are moments away from better conversations at work.

Try it for free. There's no credit card required so you have nothing to lose.