We raised $2.1m to help you orchestrate remote work success

We raised $2.1m to help you work better when remote

Today, I'm excited to share that we raised $2.1m in seed funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners, with participation by Underscore, Active Capital, El Cap Holdings, New York Venture Partners, TLC Collective, and others. In the rest of this post, I'll share more about our history and where we are …

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Remote Work requires taking personal responsibility

Why remote work requires taking personal responsibility

This is the final part of our series on remote work mental models . Read the previous post here . Remote work doubles down on the belief that people are adults and that organizations should treat them that way. But this is a reciprocal relationship that requires personal responsibility and …

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Remote work meetings: fewer is better

Remote Work Meetings: fewer is better

This is part twelve of a series on remote work principles . Read the previous post here where we talk about how timezones are the one thing you can't change. Have you ever heard a coworker say, “that meeting should have been an email?” It turns out, most people think …

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Timezones: the one thing you can't change about remote work

Timezones: the only thing you can't change about remote work

This is part eleven of the remote work mental models series. Read the previous post . At least for newly remote teams, if you think about the various aspects to running a team or a business, there’s a lot that can be changed. You can create new processes, you can …

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Remote Work Habits: why process makes perfect

Remote Work Habits: process makes perfect

This is part ten of a series on remote work principles . Read the previous post . To use a road-trip analogy, a big difference between establishing guardrails and creating roadblocks. The guardrails are helping and keep you on track and safe, while the roadblocks prevent you from getting to …

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Why shouldn't take "work from home" literally

Why you shouldn't take working from home literally

This is part nine of a series on remote work principles . See the previous principle where we talk about how remote work accelerates problems that already exist. Toiling away in your home office can start to be just as monotonous as your morning commute to an office. Encourage employees …

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Remote work doesn't create problems, it highlights them

Remote work doesn't create new problems

This is part eight of our remote work mental models series . Read the previous post . Another important way to think about working remotely is that it’s an accelerant, but it doesn’t define the way you work or what you value as a team or company. Think of remote …

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