Daily Priorities

A habit journal for work

High-performers create regular routines of reflection and prioritization. Friday makes it easy to automate what they do.

"Sometimes our week goes by so quickly we just keep moving without reflecting on what has happened. Reflecting on successes and challenges helped me to appreciate my week more."

Create a cadence for success

Part habit-tracker, part work journal, but not a todo app. Friday can help you add structure and rhythm to the way you work.


Completely Customizable

Establish regular work habits, whether it's a daily routine, weekly recap, or monthly update.

Better Visiblity

Remember Accomplishments 

See your response history over time and reflect on the progress you've made.


See trends develop

Easily attach the work you've completed from apps like Trello and more.

Ready to be more productive?

There's no credit card required, so you have nothing to lose.