A high-performing team is not an accident

If your team uses Friday, you will spend less time in meetings, improve transparency, and do your best work

Friday has proven to be a very simple and effective tool to boost employee engagement, alignment, and recognition in my team.

Charlie Coombs

General Manager, Maersk Shipping

The fastest path to team success

Friday is like a process coach that helps you create effective work habits.


Just enough process

Stay in the loop and spend less time in boring update meetings.

Better Visiblity

Better data

Automatically capture better insights than a regular staff meeting.


Improve transparency

People will do better work when they feel like they are part of a team.

How can this help my team?

The best teams create effective work habits. This may be holding regular 1-1s with your team, or ensuring that everyone stays in the loop by having Monday morning staff meetings.

The reality is that teams need just a little bit of process to do their best work. Information needs to flow to the right places at the right time. The best teams have figured this out and create predictable habits and rhythm.

Unfortunately, creating these important processes takes a lot more work than it should.

For example, to collect a regular status update on a Friday may involve manually setting a calendar reminder, remembering to update a document, and sharing the updates with a particular set of people every week. If people don't fill out updates, you need to manually ask people to fill things out, which makes you look like a micro-manager.

With Friday, in less than five minutes, you could setup a workflow for any regular communication event at work. We'll handle the heavy lifting, pinging people at the right time for an update and collecting structured responses. We'll also distribute these updates to the right people at the right time.

According to our customers, Friday helps them gather richer insights than they would get in a meeting. This should be no surprise, as people are more honest behind a screen and have time to compose a clear and concise message.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can spend less time in meetings, which frees your team up to do their best work without feeling disconnected from what's going on.

I see the potential of this tool, especially for remote teams. I did find myself looking forward to reading comments from my team.

Friday is great for replacing retrospectives! It helps us to get the info we need without wasting time we could better spend on engineering.

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