A home for the most important stuff at work

Friday gives you the data and awareness you need to lead in a single, centralized place that complements workplace chat.

“Perhaps the CEO’s most important operational responsibility is designing and implementing the communication architecture for their company.”

Ben Horowitz

Co-Founder @ Andreessen Horowitz

Do you know what's going on?

Friday helps you understand what's going on, across all levels of the organization. Better data means better decisions.


Collect updates

Automate any routine update at work. Get the information and insight you need to lead

Better Visiblity

Track progress on goals

When sharing an update, track progress on key initiatives. Status update meetings aren't required


X-Ray Vision

As updates come in, Friday automatically generates beautiful reports to share

"Friday allows us to action small issues before they become big ones. I can also see month by month what is the mood of the company."

Blake Whittman

CEO of Goodcall Recruiting

Home for the most important stuff

See regular updates, goal progress, employee suggestions, and recognition in a single, centralized location.

What people say about Friday

We recently asked Friday users to share how it's helping them work better from apart. Here's what they said:

Create accountability

80% of users report that Friday improves accountability at work

Save time

50% of users report saving at least an hour a week in meetings

Stay in sync

81% of users report that Friday helps them stay in sync

Improve transparency

85% of users report that Friday improves transparency at work

Improve company culture

78% of users report that Friday improves remote team culture

Stay connected

82% of users report that Friday helps them stay connected

"Friday has quickly become the foundation of successful collaboration for our remote-first team. We spend less time in meetings and the ones we have are vastly more productive."

Mark Catalano

CEO @ Takeshape.io

Know what's going on at work

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