The easiest way to see what's going on at work

Running a company requires process and structure. Why not apply the same principles to your work communication?

“Perhaps the CEO’s most important operational responsibility is designing and implementing the communication architecture for their company.”

Ben Horowitz

Co-Founder @ Andreessen Horowitz

Know what's going on at work

Friday helps you understand what's going on, across all levels of the organization. Better data, better decisions.


Iterate on your company

Create faster feedback loops at all levels inside your company. This helps you discover where you can improve.

Better Visiblity

Create better processes

We can help you implement the right processes to drive agility and enable the flow of information across the entire company.


More signal, less noise

You don't have time to jump into various tools to see what's going on. See the most important work activity in a centralized location.

"Friday allows us to action small issues before they become big ones. I can also see month by month what is the mood of the company."

Blake Whittman

CEO of Goodcall Recruiting

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