For your company

Looking for predictable long-term success? You need to create a rhythm and structure to the way you work. Friday makes this possible in less time than you thought possible.

Value for Everyone

Friday is like mission control for your workplace. Here's how we can help everyone in your company:


For Executives

Make sure you can steer the ship. Drive strategic execution and cascade priorities throughout the org with Friday.


For Team Leaders

Improve transparency and communication as a team. Spend less time in meetings and understand what's going on.

For Employees

Build effective work habits, whether it's documenting your daily priorities or saying thanks to a coworker for a job well-done.

Request Information

We'd love to help you and your company build healthy communication processes that enable the flow of information on a regular basis.

We believe that effective communication habits is what sets high-performing companies from the rest. We'd love to give you a tour of how our software can help you establish these processes, without adding extra work to your busy schedule.

Using Friday helped us reflect in a more structural manner on what went on during the week. The tool should be widely used by leaders - and also spread across all the team members (especially the widespread use of kudos to acknowledge achievements and efforts)