The #1 Daybook app Alternative is the easiest way to start good habits. Unlike Daybook, we are more than a private journaling app. We can help you improve your life.

The Ultimate Daybook Alternative

Daybook is a private journaling app. Friday is a suite of modern tools to help you reflect, write more, and get better at what you do (at work and in life).

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Customizable templates

Unlike Daybook, Friday has customizable prompts for every scenario.

A digital journal on steroids

Friday is so much more than a digital file cabinet for your thoughts.

Integrated + Connected

Friday integrates with apps you already use, so you get meaningful context.

Constantly Updated

We are cloud-based and updated on a regular basis, so you get the best tool.

Product feature 1

So much more than a private journal

Friday is the ultimate Daybook alternative because we will help you create lasting habits that make you more successful. It's like the difference between a digital notebook and a digital coach.

Product feature 2

Friday comes to work with you.

Structured reflection and writing has tons of benefits in all aspects of your life. With Friday, you can complete regular status updates with your team, or weekly reflection in additional to using it personally.

I use Friday at work to understand what my team is working on and where they might be stuck. I also use it for my own personal habit-building and it's awesome!

Source 1

Ally Lord

Director of Sales, Momentum Consulting

Friday helps me be more thoughtful and structured in my every life and at work. It really helps me be way more productive.

Source 2

Jack McDermott

Product Marketing Manager, Panorama Education

See how we can make life better and help you hit your goals.

Friday is more than a private journal.

Daily Standup

Daily Update

Start your day off right by sharing what you are working on and what you accomplished yesterday (as well as blockers you face).

Weekly Review

Weekly Retro

Reflect and figure out where you can improve in the upcoming week. You can do this individually or with others.

CEO Update

Leader Update

Quickly share what you are thinking about on a regular basis with the rest of your team or the entire company.

Structured reflection makes everything better.

Friday helps you get better at what you do.