Communication Habits

The best companies have regular habits at work. These habits enable the flow of information across a team or the entire company.

Gain visibility into what's going on and spend less time in meetings. Individual contributors can spend more time doing great work, and leaders get the clarity they need to succeed.

Personal Work Habits

These personal habits help you do better work and be more productive.

Daily Review

The daily prompt is a chance to reflect and prepare for what you need to accomplish today.

Weekly Review

The weekly review is when you recap your week and add highlights, while prepping for next week.

Daily Writing

Daily writing is when you set a target to write every single day, typically with a minimum number of words.

Team Work Habits

These communication habits are a critical part of a healthy team.

Weekly Update

A weekly update is a chance to share how someone's week went (and what they are doing next week).

1-1 Meetings

The 1-1 meeting enables employees and their manager to stay connected on a regular basis.

Daily Standups

A daily standup helps agile teams stay in the loop and create fast feedback loops, improving productivity.

Staff Meetings

Weekly staff meetings are a chance for the team to sync up and solve collaboration challenges as a team.

Executive Work Habits

These communication habits help executives better understand and communicate what's going on across the company.

Weekly CEO Update

A weekly CEO update is a chance to share with the company what they are thinking about and what priorities matter.

Department Updates

A department update is when leaders from various departments share a high-level update about what's going on with their team.

Skip-Level Meetings

Skip-Level meetings are when an executive will meet with the front-line to uncover tactical ways to improve as a company.

All-Hands Meetings

All-hands meetings are where the entire company gets together and syncs up on how the business is doing at a high level.

Quarterly Pulse Survey

Typically administered by HR departments, a pulse survey is an anonymous survey that measures high-level factors at work.

Quarterly eNPS Survey

A two-question anonymous survey that gathers if people would recommend your company as a great place to work.

Employee Suggestions

A basic cadence where executives as employees what they would improve about the company or a specific project.