Better 1-1s, without the awkwardness.

Strong connections between leaders and team members is the foundation of any great team environment, and a great 1-1 meeting is the best way to make this happen. It's one of the communication habits we recommend.

We make it easy to have relevant, productive 1-1 meetings that cover what's important. Agendas are built ahead of time and action items make sure the meeting was worth it.

Hassle-free Agendas

Know what to expect and stay on track by prompting team members to add agenda items before the meeting happens.

Simple Recaps

Streamline follow-up with collaborative action-items, making sure everyone walked away with the same takeaways.

Healthy Habit Forming

Create strong communication habits and identify potential problems faster through regular communication habits.

More time to listen

When 1-1s are streamlined, leaders can spend more time listening and discovering how they can help.

"Before this tool, I did not have employees share notes/agenda items before the meeting. This was great because I knew what I was “walking into.” It gave insight on the tenor of the meeting, as well – I could tell their moods by the topics they sent through. I loved it!"